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Commissioning of our new TruLaser 3030 fiber (L49) with 17-position TruStore magazine.

At our two Trumpf 3030 and 3040 Co² Laser Lasers and our Adira Laser for Wood / Mdf and Plexiglas cutting, we add a 6KW Trulaser Fiber with TruStore;

This automatic loading of 17 positions will allow us to debit complete packages in record time to satisfy the growing demand.

Fiber technology will also make it possible to turn to materials that were closed until then by laser: copper and brass, and thus open up to new prospects.

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Laser cutting and bending service


Laser cutting

Our cutting machines are at the cutting edge of technology, and our team is doing everything possible to deliver you as quickly as possible


Whatever your project, or the shape your equipment takes, our folding capacity provides us with the highest accuracy. Folding capacity: 3 meters, folding force: 220 tonnes. Possibility of complex shapes thanks to our wide range of tools.

All materials

With the possibility of cutting on a wide range of materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, EZ and Galva. Wearing steel ex: Steel HB400 Creusabro 4800. We also cut wood and derivatives such as MDF, Multiplex.

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